•      EPC project of water purification system for Atse yohaness Hotel in Makella, Ethiopia

    Introduction of project

       User introduction:-Atse yohaness Hotel is the four star hotel in Makella, Ethiopia. Supply the comfortable lodging for the guest from oversea during their trip they faced serious problems for room all the articles that are very easy to rust corrode. And blocking as the water they used have high content of chlorine and salt and they also need big water tank to storage the water it is shutoff of power frequently in their city. We make one stainless steel tank 56TPH and one stainless steel tank 72TPH in their water treatment workshop and install one water treatment plant 72m3/day.

    Feed water quality capacity: -The feed water from deep well water. TDS 1320ppm 72TPD

    Output water quality: -13ppm

    Technical process: -Raw water tank+MMF+ACF+reverse osmosis (RO) +delivery pump + pure water tank

    Work scope: -Equipment supply, installation, commission, training

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