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Since its inception in 2007 EC, Atsrega Engineering Plc has developed status for providing our clients with the highest level of service. Our primary focus is on client satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most innovative and cost-efficient solutions to engineering issues, quality Service, professionalism, and customer-based approach and safe environment.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be completely professional at all times, all our services are carried out to the highest of standards and competing technologies.Our exceptional experience is your guarantee of an outstanding solution.

Atsrega stands atop the industry in our ability to offer solutions that are specifically suited to the needs of each customer.


Fulfilling demands and expectation of clients specially related to quality, cost and time by applying professional and modern working approaches together with the necessary resources.


To be the leading industrial fabrication engineering company in Ethiopia.


  • RO –system (hour hold, light commercial, commercial and industrial system)

    Equipment related with sugar industries

    Ione exchanger, compressor, heat pump, Air-dryers, nitrogen generation system

    Pump (centrifugal, submersible, chemical dosing pump, screw pumps)

    Containerized package wastewater treatment plant

    Generators (Different size)


    Chemicals related to Ro-system (Antiscalant, Cleaning)

Chemicals, Dechlorinator etc. WWW.genesysro.com

Chemical related to Boiler water system

Chemical related to Sugar factories

Chemical related to paper industries

Chemical related to Laundry products

Chemical related to wastewater treatment (Aluminum sulphate, Chlorine, polyelectrolyte and any other)

Laboratory chemical

Medical chemicals

And any other chemicals

2000 hour maintenance kit

4000 hour maintenance kit

8000 hour maintenance kit

And any other spare part related with Atlas copco products

  • Ro-membrane, Micro filters different size, carbon filters, sand filters, Resin flow meters, pressure gauges and pressure switch, pumps spare part and etc.


  • Air bag filter for different industries like cement plant, floor factories and etc.
  •  We supply different kinds of ink and make up of Videojet and domino products form Europe.


Founder & G/manager

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    Address:  Ayat zone six ,A.A ethiopia at the back   side  of shobe commercial bank of Ethiopian








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