Atsrega Engineering :- is a company follows the business of design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of industrial, mechanical and electromechanical systems and types of equipment for buildings, industries, airports, hospitals, construction and agricultural sectors



  • Water treatment spare part:-Ro-membrane, Micro filters different size, carbon filters, sand filters, Resin flow meters, pressure gauges and pressure switch, pumps spare part and etc.

Chemicals related to Ro-system (Antiscalant, Cleaning)

Chemicals, Dechlorinator etc. WWW.genesysro.com

Chemical related to Boiler water system

Chemical related to Sugar factories

Chemical related to paper industries

Chemical related to Laundry products

Chemical related to wastewater treatment (Aluminum sulphate, Chlorine, polyelectrolyte and any other)

Laboratory chemical

Medical chemicals

And any other chemicals

  • 2000 hour maintenance kit
  • 4000 hour maintenance kit
  • 8000 hour maintenance kit
  • And any other spare part related with Atlas copco products

RO –System (hour hold, light commercial, commercial and industrial system)

Equipment related with sugar industries

Ione exchanger, compressor, heat pump, Air-dryers, nitrogen generation system

Pump (centrifugal, submersible, chemical dosing pump, screw pumps)

Containerized package wastewater treatment plant

Generators (Different size)

  • Air bag filter for different industries like cement plant, floor factories and etc.
  • We supply different kinds of ink and make up of Videojet and domino products form Europe.

Why work with us?

  • Because we provide pump selection service
  • We give consult on water treatment system, air system a wastewater treatment system.

We Supply Different Kinds Of Product From The Following Premium Manufacture


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